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aboutMy life passion is to create successful businesses and I enjoy being an entrepreneur. I use my entrepreneurial skills and knowledge to help companies and individuals. Planning startups for new companies or within a company and executing is one of my goal. I like be forward focused corporate leader who know where company is heading and what’s next.

Business developer with studies and experience in entrepreneurship. Currently working for Medical company for their ENT products export. Extra role in my career as Business advisor to Swedish Pak Agro. Previously Founder of successful Small and Medium Enterprises including an online fashion retailer. Multilingual and well-connected to both European and Asian markets.

I am go-to person to energise your start-up, business planning and bring it from early beginnings to full consolidation. Introducing new products/business ideas into the market after proper research and development.

Design sense to fulfill requirements according to products and more importantly according to market/customer needs. Doing multiple activities in different markets developed a unique skill set in my personality which reflects from my entrepreneurial initiatives.

In charge of anything with entrepreneurial and project management skills from planning, strategies for digital marketing, branding, planning, execution and launch of Projects/Products. Finding opportunities with current and new suppliers and clients, working on new products to expand current product line and grow sales.




What I Do


  • Global Export ENT Medical Devices at ABIGO Medical AB
  • Business Development Advisor at Swedish Pak Agro


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My Education


  • Masters in ICT Entrepreneurship
  • From Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)
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  • Courses include Analysis and Planning, Venture Creation and Management, Scientific Writing and Research, Entrepreneurship in Developing Countries, New Technology and Industrial Creativity Management. Additional courses from Stockholm School of Economics (SSE), Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship (SSES) and Konstfack (University College Art, Craft and Design) and Stockholm University.



  • Intermediate in Information and Technology
  • From Punjab College of Information & Technology

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